James Harden Illustrated Project

What is this?
James Harden Illustrated is project where profile of James Harden is illustrated in various mediums, techniques and styles by Filip Peraić. Point of this personal project is to sharpen creativity. Without creative brief or constraints from the client, this experiment is like training ground for a creative mind. This project is about avoid enslaving an expression to one style/concept. Theme of James Harden’s profile is chosen because of belief that this “constraint” will produce more creative approaches and produce out-of-the-box solutions. Some results will be led by more stylistic/aesthetic idea, some more conceptual or metaphorical.

Why James Harden?
James Harden is a basketball player, NBA star playing for the Houston Rockets. He is chosen as base of this project because of his unique, awesome bearded profile. Almost icon like form of his profile serves as great inspiration and food for a designer’s thought.

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